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Across Every Industry

Retail Technology Solutions

et’s scale and energize your strategy with a digital backbone that unifies your team, informs priorities and drives results.

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Warehouse & Distribution

Zebra’s mobile computing, scanning, and printing solutions connect each operational area in your warehouse to give you the agility to realize transformational gains.

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Ensure patient safety, reduce errors and instill confidence with accurate, positive patient identification at every step – from admissions to discharge and every surgery, procedure or test in-between.

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Drive productivity across the plant floor by leveraging track and trace solutions, rich data capture and predictive analytics. Access software platforms that unite processes and coordinate intelligence.

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Field Operations

Zebra's market-leading solutions and products improve customer satisfaction with a lower cost per interaction by keeping service representatives connected with colleagues, customers, management and the tools they use to satisfy customers across the supply chain.

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Transportation & Logistics

In today's world, the demands on transportation and logistics companies are higher than ever. Staff are overextended and under pressure, compliance is complex, and customers expect service and information instantly.

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Equip your operation with mobile payment and ordering capability, food safety tracking, inventory management and staff communication technologies to provide superior, personalized service—because great hospitality happens at every touchpoint whether you're a hotel, quick serve restaurant or entertainment venue.

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Energy & Utilities

Our industry-leading mobile technology solutions are tested to the toughest military standards, compliant with the highest levels of security and available in options built for use in explosive environments

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Public Sector

Your agency can modernize its IT capabilities, collaborate more easily and use legacy technology in innovative ways to enable better decision making for faster, more secure delivery of services.

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Special Services

All Industrial Supply

Printing Depot

Our Printing Depot is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including Plotter Roland and Tecnology RICOH, to meet a wide range of printing requirements.

Plotter Roland

When sign and graphics professionals demanded even more from our award-winning TrueVIS large format inkjet printer/cutters, we answered. With automated features, added usability, and even greater color choice, TrueVIS VG3 printer/cutters have been greatly enhanced to further exceed the print quality, productivity, and uncompromising needs of today’s sign and graphics professionals.

  • Increased productivity through user enhancing features such as a 7-inch LCD touch-panel control, auto-calibration, and other intuitive, automated tools
  • Further expand your gamut and output color with smoother color transitions— 8-color ink configurations offer even more color choice
  • Four FlexFire printheads combine with other powerful printing and cutting features for the most accurate, on-color, and on-brand custom graphics.
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Label Printing

Labels provide fast and easy identification for a variety of areas throughout your facility. Take advantage of All Industrial Supply has to offer to meet a variety of identification needs, including product identification, chemical and electrical hazard awareness, lab management, wire ID and safety and facility communication. These labels are designed to last in every application you have – from general facility ID to harsh washdown cycles or autoclave conditions.

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RICOH 5310s

Advanced imaging technologies give the Pro C5300s/C5310s the ability to match more brand colors and accurately reproduce logos with the boldest of colors and finest of lines.

  • Active Toner Density Control maintains consistent toner levels inside the developer unit at all times, stabilizing image quality on short and long print runs.
  • Solid Fusing Belt Smoothing Roller (Manual/Automatic) minimizes scratch marks on prints by smoothing rough edges.
  • Auto color calibration delivers high-image quality and consistent color page after page so you can confidently match brand colors and satisfy customer.

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RICO 8310S

Produce high-quality black-and-white documents for a wide variety of users.

  • Print up to 111 or 136 ppm, copy, scan
  • 2400 × 4800 dpi Ricoh VCSEL Imaging Technology
  • 12,600 sheet maximum paper capacity
  • Profitably produce brochures, manuals, books and more on media up 350 gsm

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Material Printing

  • Easy operation: Using the same handle with different levels for supply water, ink and adjust pressure. The pneumatic form rollers is controlled by electrical eye so that the pneumatic will be more accuracy and credible.
  • Nicety locate: Adopts front baffle and double side baffle to orientation. And it also have imperce-ptable adjust of landscape orientation in paper table. Nicety locate: Adopts front baffle and double side baffle to orientation. And it also have imperce-ptable adjust of landscape orientation in paper table.
  • Separated ink and water supply system: adjust the water and ink freely, satisfied requirement of ink and water according to different products. It is also suitable for colorful overprint.
  • Setup the quantity in advance: the machine adopts electromagnetism arithmometer. It will stop once finish the setuped printing.
  • Inspect double sheets: it can debar double sheet and many sheets effective, and keep printing without
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Consumer Consulting

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